We Keep Us Safe: Roweena

Prisoners Wife

It's a lonely life, that of a prisoner's wife. 
You're not a human being anymore, third class is your score.
If you're lonely or blue and wish somebody knew, don't worry they won't
'Cuz you're a prisoner's wife
Oh the church's will help you, as long as you stay in your place
The parole board will try to make you leave him, giving him more time in the bargain
Every man in town will think you're fair game, and rapeng you is part of their game.
All because you're a prisoner's wife...
There is one ray of hope, to this morbid tale I write, 
If your man survives the hate, the beatings, the knives....
You'll have a love that none can surpass.
Cuz you've been that prisoner's wife...

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