We Keep Us Safe: Angela

Boys To Men

A kind kid with a slow mind
Was not so smart at being kind
What his life turned out to be about
Life is not what was thought
With the wars he faught

Hanging out with the cool kids
Breaking all the rules, missing it
Dissin it-the in-crowd is all about faking it
Fast cars, fast dreams, fast schemes
Is not what it seemed

Caught stealing, gang banging, cheating
Found deceiving smoking weed hi-retrieving
Selling drugs not what is made to mean
Gang wars fallen short on a street-creed
Kicking in doors, breaking windows, an initiation deed

And you thought he was real cool
Jumped like a fool, A junkie after you
Friends dissed you and now its not so cool
You have become the fool for breaking the rule

The setbacks hustling crack in debt
The suicidal thoughts race through your mind with regret
Got suspended, reprehended, cuffed for slacking off
You're locked in prison, a life sentence
Made a statistic, with three strikes you're out

Million Hoodies