We Keep Us Safe: Jacqueline

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As a child of a Ghanaian immigrant to the U.K., I understand the unique reasons that many immigrants uproot and begin a new life in the U.S. Often this move is one of sacrifice, fear and heartache. In Ghana my mother was a teacher who spoke five languages and lived a comfortable life. When she came to the U.K.— a country that didn’t accept her credentials, my mother faced racism and poverty. My mother instilled one thing in her children: the importance of education. Now as a Department Chair at a school for children with disabilities in New York City, I am living out my mother’s legacy and standing on her shoulders. Many DACA recipients are standing on the shoulders of their parents. I am deeply concerned and worried for the plight of DACA recipients. These are not people we should deport because of false accusations that they are criminals or stealing our jobs. DACA recipients were children when they entered this country, and have since established meaningful roots in their communities. Those protected by DACA understand the sacrifices their parents made and have worked hard to build relationships, maintain jobs and contribute to the economy and society as a whole—they are predominantly black and brown people and within the framework of Freedom Cities I believe we must work to provide them with a path to citizenship. #IStandWithDACA

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