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When Criminal Justice and Immigrant Justice Converge

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Join the Million Hoodies New York City chapter, JustLeadershipUSA, and Black Alliance for Just Immigration's Facebook Live as we discuss the links between criminal justice and immigrant justice. And learn how they can impact you. 

In a period where the Trump administration rolls back every policy that has historically provided mobility and protection for communities of color, the #WeKeepUsSafe national week of action is an intervention to bring communities together to hold substantive conversations about making entire campuses, cities, towns, and communities safe for immigrants, women, Black people, Muslims, workers and all oppressed communities. 

We hope to offer a new framework that is beyond sanctuary that includes investments in humanity and our planet, safety beyond policing, real community control, worker rights, community defense, and divestment from militarization and other programs that oppress our people to build Freedom Cities. The We Keep Us Safe Week of Action is the cornerstone for providing the necessary political inventions that encourages innovation to reimagine safety for empowered communities.

Earlier Event: October 27
We Keep Us Safe Campaign Launch