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Our communities are under attack at every level, at all times. Now more than ever, we must remain alert and ready to stand in solidarity at a moment’s notice.


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We Keep Us Safe

The We Keep Us Safe Network is a rapid response platform to provide communities with the tools to educate themselves and take immediate action during moments of crisis.

This platform allows every day people to share their stories and mobilize others to keep our communities safe.



Stories of Power and Resilience

In times of crisis, it is important to not let fear keep us from telling our own stories and let others control our narratives. One vehicle for that is to literally share our stories of resilience and power.

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As a child of a Ghanaian immigrant to the U.K., I understand the unique reasons that many immigrants uproot and begin a new life in the U.S.

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Lexi describes her story of power and resilience to fight for permanent protection for undocumented people.

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My mother has always told me since I was a little kid that only those who have lived through it know how scary and humiliating it is.

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My father grew up in a small village in India, raised in a family where education was emphasized more than anything else, regardless of the many responsibilities that had to be taken up just to be able to survive.

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We Keep Us Safe Actions

The We Keep Us Safe Network is grounded in every day people taking action to shift power from harmful institutions to empowered communities that are reimagining safety.


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Defend Daca

Together we can defend immigrants! We must stop the rising white supremacy in action in Texas and in Washington in the coming weeks.




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